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Ace E.(Em) St. Geldane

ace sketches

Our 'humble' protagonist, Ace is the leader of the street gang based out of St. Magdalene's School, The Suitors. He is well liked and respected by human and demon alike, not discriminating against anyone who wants to join his group (provided they're trustworthy). Ace is laid back and casual, but when the situation calls for it he can be a presence to be feared. Thankfully, those moments are few and far between, leaving him a kind, loyal guy.

Vital Stats:

Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Peridot Green
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 149 lbs
Age: 16 (Birthday August 4th)
Race: Half-Oni
Family: Adoptive Mother
Likes: His Friends, His Gang, His Hat, Winning, Beating Slim, Royale's Cooking, Harassing Myeko, Girlie Mags
Dislikes: Homework, School in General, The Black Hawks, Slim, When Marco Attacks Him, Annoying Nuns, Prejudice Against Demons/Magical Creatures, Henako and Hanako

Myeko M.(Maia) Seyrill

myeko sketches

Ace's Right Hand Man is actually a Girl, and her name is Myeko. Friends since they were young kids, Myeko knows Ace better than anyone, so who better to be second in command of The Suitors? After all, they say "Behind Every Great Man is a Greater Woman", and great she certainly is. Smart, pretty, yet ballsy and tough as nails, Myeko can be a bit stubborn and jealous at times, but is otherwise a very nice person. However, as much as Ace depends on her, she depends on him too, since without him she'd likely never get up on time.....

Vital Stats:

Hair Colour: Green
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: She's a Chick Why Are You Even Asking (152 lbs)
Age: 16 (Birthday June 15th)
Race: Succubus
Family: Father, Absentee Mother, Uncle, Aunt, 3 Cousins
Likes: Her Friends, Her Father, The Suitors, School/Learning, Sweets, Sleeping In, Her Uncle Martin, When Ace Harasses Her
Dislikes: Sakuranbo, The Black Hawks, Other Girls Around Ace, When Ace Sleeps In Class, People Who Try To Force Their Way Into The Suitors, When Ace/[insert name here] Gambles Away The Suitor's Money, Her Succubus Side Being Overbearing, When Ace Harasses Her, Henako and Hanako

Ralph D.(Duncan) "Royale" De La Cruz

royale sketches

Ace can't just have one person behind him, so for his 'left hand', he has Royale. When they met, Royale was an angry young man, but Ace's repeated attempts at friendship eventually brought him out of his shell. A little bit older, a little bit wiser, and perhaps a little bit stronger than Ace, Royale makes for a solid older-brother type. Royale also happens to be The Suitors' bartender despite his young age, so he naturally falls into the position of doling out sage advice. For his trouble, he gets the loyalty of his friends in return, and as such he is one of the most loyal people you could ever know. His friends are his family, and he'd do anything for them.

Vital Stats:

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Sepia
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 (Barrel-Chested)
Age: 17 (Birthday May 3rd)
Race: Mountain Troll
Family: Orphaned (Grandmother, Na-na, died when he was 10)
Likes: His Friends, The Suitors, The School, Running the Full House Bar, Remembering His Grandmother, When Ace and Myeko Look Like They're Getting Together, Cooking
Dislikes: Most Instant Food, The Black Hawks, Most Outsiders (Human Outsiders), Remembering His Past, Fighting/Destruction In & Of His Bar, When Ace Hits On Other Girls

Duce J.(James) O'Malley

duce sketches

Another friend since childhood, Duce is Ace's Apprentice. He's a bit younger than the rest of them, but he doesn't miss a beat of the comings and goings of The Suitors, and can sometimes even one of the more hot-tempered members of the gang. Despite this, Duce is a goofy class clown at heart, typically seen with a big grin. He can be a bit naive and impulsive, and as such is often seen trying to beat up his roommate, Ernest. Not helping this situation at all is Duce's knowledge and love of explosives (a trait inherited from his Grandfather), which he (attemps to) uses in fights. He hasn't gotten good enough to do any SERIOUS damage yet, but for all his trying, he has at least managed to establish himself as quite the alarm clock.

Vital Stats:

Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Baby Blue
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 136 lbs
Age: 14 (Birthday April 7th)
Race: Human
Family: Father, Mother (Deceased), Older Brother
Likes: His Friends, Ace, The Suitors, Blowing Stuff Up, His Family, The School, Making People Proud (Such as His Father, His Brother, and Ace), Pulling Pranks
Dislikes: His Roomate, The Black Hawks, When Ace Gets Mad At Him, Homework