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April 25th, 2013, 4:07 pm

Brief Absence

hey everyone, i wanted to apologize for last week's lack of comic/update. i was sick for the week and fairly out of it, and i didn't get the chance to update till now. however, i'm gonna keep it going strong, and (goddess willing) the next update will be on schedule for this saturday. hopefully i can upload several at a time and put them on a timer so that things like this don't happen again. ^^; on the bright side, we have two new pages. :3
another silver lining here is that there'll likely be updates today for my blog as well, over at kkanimereviews.blogspot.com. i'm crossing my fingers for this one, so keep your eyes peeled! (also, if you haven't already, go like the Studio Cha-ko page over at facebook! (just search for it and look for the candy bar.)

thanks again for reading! ^^

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